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Artist name Andrew Swann (Andy Swann, Malcom Hairdoo)
Notes From an interview with Andy regarding the name Malcom Hairdoo found in the credits for Yogi Bear And Friends In The Greed Monster:

''Blimey, I can't remember putting those names in at all. Hmmmmm, it sounds like the type of thing Jason McGann (inventor of Alfred Chicken) would come out with. I wrote four versions of Yogi Bear and Friends in the Greed Monster at once, Spectrum, Amstrad, Atari ST and Amiga. Hi Tec thought we'd had two programmers on the projects, one doing the 8 bit and one doing the 16 bit versions. I guess we kept our names off the 16 bit versions and Jase (Jason McGann) invented some new ones, or maybe Pete (Pete Tattersall) did. The names are sort of mid way between their two senses of humour from back then.

Yogi Bear was also the last game written, literally, in our back bedroom, we moved to offices soon after. :^) ''
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