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Developer name Creative Materials
Long name Creative Materials Ltd.
Birth year 1990
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes Formerly 8- and 16-bit budget games specialist Binary Design, Creative Materials was established in Feb 1990 in Manchester UK by Andy Hieke. In 1991 they employed approx. 24 programmers and gfx artists (mainly freelance) across the UK for the development of 16-bit games.
Also known as Binary Design
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California Games IIECS OCS
1992Creative MaterialsEpyx
U.S. Gold
Days Of ThunderECS OCS
1990Creative MaterialsMindscape
España: The Games '92ECS OCS
1992Creative MaterialsOcean
ESWAT: Cyber PoliceECS OCS
1991Creative MaterialsU.S. Gold
Final FightECS OCS
1991Creative MaterialsERBE
U.S. Gold
Godfather, TheECS OCS
1991Creative MaterialsU.S. Gold
Last BattleECS OCS
1991Creative MaterialsElite
Line Of FireECS OCS
1990Creative MaterialsSega
U.S. Gold
Operation HarrierECS OCS
1990Creative MaterialsU.S. Gold
Playroom, TheECS OCS
1992Creative MaterialsBrøderbund
Playroom, The: La Chambre De PeppyECS OCS
1992Creative MaterialsInfogrames
1990Creative MaterialsU.S. Gold
Street Fighter II: The World WarriorECS OCS
1992Creative MaterialsU.S. Gold
Summer GamesECS OCS
1992Creative MaterialsU.S. Gold
Summer Games IIECS OCS
1992Creative MaterialsU.S. Gold
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