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Developer name Infocom
Birth year 1979
Year of death 1989
Mother country USA
Notes Founded in 1979 by MIT students Dave Lebling, Marc Blank, Joel Berez and Al Vezza.
Until 1985, Infocom were independent, then shortly after, Activision bought them.
In 1989, due to rising costs and continuously falling profits, the Infocom division was eventually shut down by Activision; yet there were released a handful of post-1989 titles developed by Infocom and published by Activision, such as ''Lost Treasures of Infocom'' (Amiga version released in 1992).
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SeastalkerOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
BallyhooOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Arthur: The Quest For ExcaliburOCS 1989InfocomInfocom
Zork I: The Great Underground EmpireOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
SuspendedOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Leather Goddesses Of PhobosOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Sherlock: The Riddle of the Crown JewelsOCS 1988InfocomInfocom
Beyond Zork: The Coconut Of QuendorOCS 1987InfocomInfocom
James Clavell's ShōgunOCS 1989InfocomInfocom
Zork II: The Wizard Of FrobozzOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Mind Forever Voyaging, AOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Lurking Horror, TheOCS 1987InfocomInfocom
SorcererOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
BureaucracyOCS 1987InfocomInfocom
Border Zone
OCS 1987InfocomInfocom
Zork III: The Dungeon MasterOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
MoonmistOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Nord And Bert Couldn't Make Head Or Tail Of ItOCS 1987InfocomInfocom
SpellbreakerOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Deadline (Infocom)OCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Quarterstaff: The Tomb Of Setmoth
Unknown | Unreleased
Zork Zero: The Revenge Of MegabozOCS 1989InfocomInfocom
InfidelOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
PlanetfallOCS 1985InfocomInfocom
StarcrossOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, TheOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Zork Trilogy
WishbringerOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
EnchanterOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Plundered HeartsOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
StationfallOCS 1987InfocomInfocom
Hollywood HijinxOCS 1987InfocomInfocom
Witness, TheOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
CutthroatsOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
TrinityOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
SuspectOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
JourneyOCS 1989InfocomInfocom
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