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Developer name Anco
Long name Anco Software Ltd.
Year of death 2003
Addresses Anco Software Ltd.,
35 West Hill,
Kent, DA1 2EL,
United Kingdom
[last known address]
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes Established originally in the early 1980s as 8-bit games publisher Anirog, Anco was born out of the ashes of Anirog around the mid-80s and were one of the earliest 16-bit publishers for the Atari ST and Amiga. The KICK OFF series would prove to be their crowning glory, with many enthusiasts today still playing the early games in the series by Dino Dini with great passion.

Unfortunately, Anco's owner Anil Gupta died in May 2003, forcing the company's closure. Floodlit Software was formed out of the ashes by veteran Anco coders Steve Screech and Tony Kyne. Floodlit did not last very long and in early 2004 abandoned development of ULTIMATE PLAYER MANAGER and KICK OFF 2004 in favour of joining Beautiful Game Studios to work on Eidos' CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER 5 and its sequels.
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Grid StartOCS 1987AncoAnco
Karting Grand PrixOCS 1988AncoAnco
Strip Poker II (Anco)
OCS 1988AncoAnco
System 4 (S4)
Strip Poker II+OCS 1988AncoAnco
System 4 (S4)
Strip Poker II+ Data Disk #1: Beverley & DawnOCS 1988AncoAnco
Strip Poker II+ Data Disk #2: Lee & RoyOCS 1988AncoAnco
Strip Poker II+ Data Disk #3: Suzanne & BiancaOCS 1988AncoAnco
Strip Poker II+ Data Disk #4: Rachel & KimOCS 1988AncoAnco
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