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Developer name Software Studios (Activision)
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes Software Studios were Activision UK's in-house development/support team. They were established in the old Electric Dreams (Activision) offices in Southampton, UK in the 1980s and handled both technical and creative development for Activision and its affiliated labels.

Although most of Activision's games were written by outside developers, the Software Studios offices was a homebase where the coders could go for back-up facilities and advice. Additionally, Software Studios developed games that weren't contracted to outside developers by Activision and provided product testing for all Activision's games.
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Altered BeastOCS 1989Software Studios (Activision)Activision
Atomic Robo-KidECS OCS
1990Software Studios (Activision)Activision
Galaxy Force
Alternate gamename
1990Software Studios (Activision)Activision
Galaxy Force IIECS OCS
1990Software Studios (Activision)Activision
IK+CD32 1994Software Studios (Activision)System 3
IK+OCS 1988Software Studios (Activision)System 3
International Karate +
Alternate gamename
CD32 1994Software Studios (Activision)System 3
International Karate +
Alternate gamename
OCS 1988Software Studios (Activision)System 3
Millenium: Return To EarthECS OCS
1991Software Studios (Activision)Paragon
Millennium 2.2OCS 1989Software Studios (Activision)Electric Dreams (Activision)
Power DriftOCS 1989Software Studios (Activision)Activision
SDI (Activision)OCS 1989Software Studios (Activision)Activision
Super Hang-OnOCS 1988Software Studios (Activision)Data East
Electric Dreams (Activision)
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