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Developer name PAL
Long name PAL Developments
Birth year 1988
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes Formed by Dave Palmer - founder of Alligata and Alternative Software - in 1988 by assembling talent identified in his days at Alligata, publisher Hi-Tec Software was formed in order to foster the creative talents of the programmers and artists of PAL Developments. Hi-Tec made their name by producing games featuring the world famous Looney Tunes and most of the Hanna Barbera cartoon TV series, including Yogi Bear, Jetsons, Wacky Races, Speedy Gonzales, Taz Mania and Scooby Doo. Hi-Tec Software was the videogame license holder for Europe and Australasia with Warner Bros and Hanna Barbera for most of their classic cartoon characters.

In late 1992, PAL Developments changed its name to David A. Palmer Productions after becoming insolvent. At the same time they became authorised Nintendo developers, producing the award-winning Game Boy title Speedy Gonzales, Taz Mania for Sunsoft and Dennis The Menace for Ocean. Speedy won best of show award from Nintendo Power at CES Las Vegas 1993. The company also produced the SNES version of Speedy.

Other developments included Music-X for Windows and VirtuaMusic - the world's first full-duplex global real-time music networking system for musicians.
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Alien WorldECS OCS
1992PALHi-Tec [PAL Developments]
Blazing ThunderECS OCS
1991PALHi-Tec [PAL Developments]
Bomb FusionOCS 1989PALMastertronic
Future Bike SimulatorECS OCS
1990PALHi-Tec [PAL Developments]
Insector Hecti In The Inter ChangeECS OCS
1991PALHi-Tec [PAL Developments]
InterchangeECS OCS
1991PALHi-Tec [PAL Developments]
Protector (Virgin Mastertronic)OCS 1989PAL16 Blitz (Virgin Mastertronic)
Scooby Doo And Scrappy DooECS OCS
1991PALHi-Tec [PAL Developments]
SideWinder IIOCS 1989PAL16 Blitz (Virgin Mastertronic)
T-BirdOCS 1989PAL16 Blitz (Virgin Mastertronic)
Yogi's Big Clean UpECS OCS
1992PALHi-Tec [PAL Developments]
Yogi's Great EscapeECS OCS
1990PALHi-Tec [PAL Developments]
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