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Publisher name Codemasters / Code Masters
Long name The Codemasters Software Company Limited / Code Masters Limited
Birth year 1986
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes Established by brothers David & Richard Darling and their father Jim in October 1986 after a year of writing games for Mastertronic. Prior to that, the Darling brothers had written VIC-20 games as Galactic Software while at school.

Code Masters published on the ''pile 'em high, sell 'em cheap'' principle in their formative years, aiming to sell lots of titles, all at budget impulse buy prices. An extraordinary high profile PR campaign in 1988/89 by West End consultants Lynne Franks shone the spotlight on the Darling brothers nationally in both TV and print media, making them one of the very few programming ''celebrities'' at the time.

Code Masters' first published title was BMX SIMULATOR (all formats) and, as of March 1990, it was still their best ever seller.
Labels Codemasters Gold (Codemasters)
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SAS Combat SimulatorECS OCS
1990OptimusCodemasters / Code Masters
Seymour Goes To HollywoodECS OCS
1992OptimusCodemasters / Code Masters
Sky High StuntmanECS OCS
1991Codemasters / Code Masters
Slightly MagicECS OCS
1991Codemasters / Code Masters
Soccer PinballECS OCS
1992Codemasters / Code Masters
Spellbound DizzyECS OCS
1992OptimusCodemasters / Code Masters
Spellfire The SorcererECS OCS
1990Codemasters / Code MastersCodemasters / Code Masters
Spellfire The SorcerorECS OCS
1990Codemasters / Code MastersCodemasters / Code Masters
Spike In TransilvaniaECS OCS
1991Genesis (UK)Codemasters / Code Masters
Spikey In TransylvaniaECS OCS
1991Genesis (UK)Codemasters / Code Masters
Steg The SlugECS OCS
1993Big RedCodemasters / Code Masters
Super All Stars
1992 Codemasters / Code Masters
Super Grand PrixECS OCS
1991Codemasters / Code MastersCodemasters / Code Masters
Super SeymourECS OCS
1992OptimusCodemasters / Code Masters
Super Seymour Saves The PlanetECS OCS
1992OptimusCodemasters / Code Masters
Sword & The Rose, TheECS OCS
1990Codemasters / Code Masters
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