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Publisher name Kixx (U.S. Gold)
Birth year 1988
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes U.S. Gold low-end, budget re-release label (£2.99 - £9.99 per game).

Kixx was formed by ex-Mastertronic employees John Mearman and Lesley Bossen. Initial releases were compiled from the U.S. Gold and Gremlin back-catalogues, but there were also plans to release some original games. The first of the original releases was to have been Blackbeard, a game available for the Spectrum, Amstrad and MSX. All initial titles were sold for £2.99 (cassette) and £4.99 (disk) on 8-bit platforms, with 16-bit disk titles following from 1989 onwards for £7.99/£9.99.
Main company U.S. Gold
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