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Publisher name Krisalis / Chrysalis
Long name Krisalis Software Ltd. / Chrysalis Software Ltd.
Year of death 2001
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes The company's name ''Krisalis'' comes from the zoological term ''chrysalis'' (aka ''pupa''), which represents the immobile state of an insect like a caterpillar (aka ''larva'') before emerging from its pupal state to a butterfly. Unsurprisingly, a butterfly formed an integral part of the original Krisalis logo.
Labels Buzz (Krisalis)
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Mad Professor MariartiECS OCS
1990Krisalis / Chrysalis
Manchester UnitedECS OCS
1990TequeKrisalis / Chrysalis
Manchester United EuropeECS OCS
1991KrisalisKrisalis / Chrysalis
Manchester United Premier League Champions 1994-95 Season Data DiskECS OCS
1994KrisalisKrisalis / Chrysalis
Manchester United Premier League Champions: Season 94-95ECS OCS
1994Krisalis / Chrysalis
Manchester United: Premier League ChampionsECS OCS
1994KrisalisKrisalis / Chrysalis
Manchester United: Premier League ChampionsCD32 1994KrisalisKrisalis / Chrysalis
Manchester United: The DoubleECS OCS
1995Krisalis / Chrysalis
Manchester United: The Official Computer GameECS OCS
1990TequeKrisalis / Chrysalis
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