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Publisher name Mindscape
Long name Mindscape International
Birth year 1983
Mother country USA
Notes Established in 1983. In January 1987, the company was purchased from its parent corporation, SFN Companies, by Mindscape Chairman John Purcell and Mindscape President and CEO Roger Buoy. In 1986/87, Mindscape acquired the products of software companies Scarborough Systems, Learning Well, and CBS Interactive Learning. The acquisitions made Mindscape an even bigger player in both the education and entertainment fields.
Labels Thunder Mountain (Mindscape)
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Gauntlet IIOCS 1989Mindscape
U.S. Gold
PaperboyOCS 1989Elite
Combat CourseOCS 1989Cobra SoftMindscape
Omni-Play Horse Racing: Stable Owner's DiskOCS 1989DesignStarMindscape
Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' FunOCS 1989Gray MatterMindscape
Deja Vu II: Lost In Las Vegas!!OCS 1989Icom SimulationsMindscape
Balance Of Power: The 1990 EditionOCS 1989Incredible TechnologiesMindscape
Hostage: Rescue MissionOCS 1989InfogramesMindscape
Indiana Jones And The Temple Of DoomOCS 1989Level SystemsMindscape
U.S. Gold
WillowOCS 1989MidNiteMindscape
Fire-Brigade: The Battle For Kiev - 1943OCS 1989Panther GamesMindscape
Panther Games
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