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publisher information
Publisher name Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Mother country United Kingdom
Main company Firebird [Telecomsoft]
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Adventure QuestOCS 1986Level 9Firebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Black LampOCS 1988Firebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Carrier CommandOCS 1988RealtimeRainbird [Telecomsoft]
Colossal AdventureOCS 1986Level 9Firebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
CorruptionOCS 1988Magnetic ScrollsRainbird [Telecomsoft]
Dungeon AdventureOCS 1986Level 9Firebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
EliteOCS 1988Mr. MicroFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Elite Advanced
Reverse Engineered Modification
OCS 2003Mr. MicroFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Elite PlusOCS 1988Mr. MicroFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Enlightenment: Druid IIOCS 1988BullfrogFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Fish!OCS 1988Magnetic ScrollsRainbird [Telecomsoft]
Flying SharkOCS 1988ImagesFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Green Magic
OCS 1987Magnetic ScrollsFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Guild Of Thieves, TheOCS 1987Magnetic ScrollsFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Jewels Of Darkness
OCS 1986 Firebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
JinxterOCS 1987Magnetic ScrollsFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Knight OrcOCS 1987Level 9Firebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Legend Of The SwordOCS 1988SiliconRainbird [Telecomsoft]
Pawn, TheOCS 1986Magnetic ScrollsFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Return To EdenOCS 1986Level 9Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
SnowballOCS 1986Level 9Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
SpacecutterOCS 1989MaelstromRainbird [Telecomsoft]
StargliderOCS 1987ArgonautRainbird [Telecomsoft]
Starglider 2OCS 1988ArgonautRainbird [Telecomsoft]
TrackerOCS 1988MindWareFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
UMS (Universal Military Simulator)OCS 1988Intergalactic DevelopmentRainbird [Telecomsoft]
UMS Scenario Disk One: The American Civil WarOCS 1988Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
UMS Scenario Disk Two: VietnamOCS 1988Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Upon Westminster Bridge
OCS 1988Magnetic ScrollsRainbird [Telecomsoft]
VirusOCS 1988David BrabenFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Worm In ParadiseOCS 1986Level 9Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
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