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Type CursusOCS 1989Courbois
TwinWorld: Land Of VisionOCS 1989Blue ByteUbi Soft
Twilight's RansomOCS 1989Paragon
Turtle Table Tennis SimulationOCS 1989Starbyte
Turn ItOCS 1989SoftTouch / Soft TouchKingsoft
Tale / Talesoft
Turbo Trax (Microdeal)OCS 1989Microdeal [MichTron]Microdeal [MichTron]
TurboOCS 1989SilentMicroIllusions
Tumbler StreetOCS 1989Vidball
Trump Castle: The Ultimate Casino Gambling SimulationOCS 1989Capstone (IntraCorp)
OCS 1989Ron Lewis 
Trois Petits Cochons S'Amusent, LesOCS 1989Coktel
Trivial Pursuit: The Computer Game - Genus EditionOCS 1989Oxford Digital Enterprises (ODE)Domark
Trivial Pursuit: The Computer Game - Amiga-Genus EditionOCS 1989Oxford Digital Enterprises (ODE)Domark
Trivial Pursuit: Amiga Genus EditionOCS 1989Oxford Digital Enterprises (ODE)Domark
Trivia: The Ultimate QuestOCS 1989Shades (Grandslam)
Tripple-XOCS 1989Axxiom (micro-partner/MicroProse)
Triple XOCS 1989Axxiom (micro-partner/MicroProse)
Triad Volume 2
Tren Expreso Di Goofy, ElOCS 1989WestwoodDisney
Nathan Software
Treasure Island DizzyOCS 1989Highlanders, TheCodemasters / Code Masters
Trained AssassinOCS 1989Digital Magic
System 4 (S4)
Tracker's QuestOCS 1989Backwoods Software
Track Suit ManagerOCS 1989GoliathAgain Again (Tiger/Alternative)
Total EclipseOCS 1989Major Developments [Incentive]MicroStatus (MicroProse)
Spotlight (Cinemaware)
Topografie NederlandOCS 1989Courbois
Topografie EuropaOCS 1989Courbois
Toobin'OCS 1989TequeDomark
Tengen (Atari)
Tom & Jerry: Hunting High And LowOCS 1989Innerprise
Magic Bytes (micro-partner/Ariolasoft)
Tom & Jerry 2OCS 1989Magic Bytes (micro-partner/Ariolasoft)
Tom & JerryOCS 1989Magic Bytes (micro-partner/Ariolasoft)
TitanOCS 1989Titus
Tintin Sur La LuneOCS 1989Infogrames
Tintin On The MoonOCS 1989Infogrames
Time SoldierOCS 1989Smart EggElectrocoin
Time ScannerOCS 1989Foursfield / Fours FieldActivision
Time RunnerOCS 1989Red RatRed Rat
TimeOCS 1989Oxford Digital Enterprises (ODE)Empire [Entertainment International]
Tim Und Struppi Auf Dem MondOCS 1989Infogrames
Tiger RoadOCS 1989ProbeCapcom
GO! (U.S. Gold)
Tie-BreakOCS 1989StarbyteStarbyte
ThunderbirdsOCS 1989TequeGrandslam / Grand Slam
Thrill Time: Platinum 2
OCS 1989 Elite
Things To Do With WordsOCS 1989Soft Stuff / Softstuff
Things To Do With NumbersOCS 1989Soft Stuff / Softstuff
Test Drive II: The DuelOCS 1989Distinctive (D.S.I.)Accolade
Test Drive II Scenery Disk: California ChallengeOCS 1989Distinctive (D.S.I.)Accolade
Test Drive II Car Disk: The Super CarsOCS 1989Distinctive (D.S.I.)Accolade
Test Drive II Car Disk: The Muscle CarsOCS 1989Accolade
Terry's Big AdventureOCS 1989GametecShades (Grandslam)
Terror LinerOCS 1989OASE (Wolf)
TenStar Pack
 1989 Silica
Tennis CupOCS 1989Electronic Zoo
Temple Of The Enlightened Souls, TheOCS 1989DynamicSoftsell
TechOCS 1989Omega TeamGainstar
TarghanOCS 1989SilmarilsGainstar
Star Games
TankAttack (CDS)OCS 1989I GamesCDS [Nimrod Holdings]
Tank BusterOCS 1989SoftTouch / Soft TouchKingsoft
Talking Storybook, The: The Three BearsECS OCS
1989Designing Minds
Talking Storybook, The: Nursery Rhymes - For Ages: 3-7OCS 1989Designing Minds
TalespinOCS 1989Microdeal [MichTron]
Take 'Em OutOCS 1989SaiconArtronic
Table Tennis SimulationOCS 1989Starbyte
T.A.C.L.: The Adventure Construction LanguageOCS 1989Alternate RealitiesMicro Momentum
T-BirdOCS 1989PAL16 Blitz (Virgin Mastertronic)
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