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10 BASIC GamesOCS 1986Courbois 
Adventure Construction SetOCS 1986Fantasia SystemsElectronic Arts
Adventure QuestOCS 1986Level 9Firebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Airport 2 ProfessionalOCS 1986Ironsoft
American History AdventureOCS 1986Queue
ArcticfoxOCS 1986DynamixAriolasoft
Electronic Arts
Arena (Psygnosis)OCS 1986Psygnosis
BallyhooOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
OCS 1986Mindscape
Basketball: The Pro GameOCS 1986Lance Haffner GamesLance Haffner Games
BrataccasOCS 1986Mindscape
Bridge 4.0OCS 1986Anco
Cat & MouseOCS 1986 
Championship Golf: The Great Courses Of The World Volume 1 - Pebble BeachOCS 1986InterplayGamestar (Activision)
Chessmaster 2000, TheOCS 1986Electronic Arts
Software Toolworks, The
Chessmate V1.2OCS 1986Dark HorseDark Horse
Classic BridgeOCS 1986Anco
Colossal AdventureOCS 1986Level 9Firebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Computer BaseballOCS 1986SoftmatesSSI
Conversation With A ComputerOCS 1986Jenday SoftwareJenday Software
Crimson CrownOCS 1986Polarware (Merit)
CutthroatsOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Deadline (Infocom)OCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Deep SpaceOCS 1986Psygnosis
Defender Of The CrownOCS 1986Master DesignerCinemaware (Master Designer)
Master Designer
Ubi Soft
Deja Vu: A Nightmare Comes True!!OCS 1986Pacesetter LaboratoriesMindscape
Discovery (MicroIllusions)OCS 1986ArtifactoryMicroIllusions
Donald Duck's PlaygroundOCS 1986SierraSierra
Dungeon AdventureOCS 1986Level 9Firebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
EnchanterOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Faery Tale Adventure, TheOCS 1986David Joiner (Talin)MicroIllusions
Final Four College BasketballOCS 1986Lance Haffner GamesLance Haffner Games
Financial Time Machine, TheOCS 1986Insight
FireblasterOCS 1986Paradox (Eidersoft)Paradox (Eidersoft)
Prism Leisure
First ShapesOCS 1986First ByteFirst Byte
Flight Simulator IIOCS 1986subLOGICsubLOGIC
Fraction ActionOCS 1986Unicorn Educational SoftwareUnicorn Educational Software
G.F.L. Championship GolfOCS 1986InterplayGamestar (Activision)
GBA Championship Basketball: Two On TwoOCS 1986DynamixC.T.O.
Gamestar (Activision)
Golden Oldies: Volume 1OCS 1986 
Great States IIOCS 1986Designing Minds
Gridiron!OCS 1986Bethesda Softworks [Media Technology]
Hacker II: The Doomsday PapersOCS 1986Activision
Halley Project, The: A Mission In Our Solar SystemOCS 1986Tom Snyder ProductionsMindscape
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, TheOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
InfidelOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
InterActionOCS 1986IntraCorp
Introducing MapsOCS 1986MicroEd
Jewels Of Darkness
OCS 1986 Firebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Keyboard CadetOCS 1986Mindscape
Leader BoardOCS 1986SculpturedAccess
U.S. Gold
Leader Board ''Pro Golf Simulator''OCS 1986SculpturedAccess
U.S. Gold
Leader Board TournamentOCS 1986SculpturedAccess
Leader Board Tournament Disk #1OCS 1986SculpturedAccess
Leather Goddesses Of PhobosOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Magic BagOCS 1986Michael Leesley Consulting
Marble MadnessOCS 1986Electronic ArtsAriolasoft
Electronic Arts
MasterTypeOCS 1986Action GraphicsScarborough
Match-ItOCS 1986Other Guys
Math WizardOCS 1986Unicorn Educational Software
MathTalkOCS 1986First ByteFirst Byte
Mean 18OCS 1986MicrosmithsAccolade
Mean 18 Course Disk: Famous Courses IOCS 1986MicrosmithsAccolade
Mean 18 Course Disk: Famous Courses IIOCS 1986MicrosmithsAccolade
Mean 18 Ultimate GolfOCS 1986MicrosmithsAccolade
Mind Forever Voyaging, AOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Mind WalkerOCS 1986SynapseCommodore
MoonmistOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
OgreOCS 1986MicroMagicMicroProse
Oo-ToposOCS 1986Penguin (Polarware)Polarware (Merit)
Pawn, TheOCS 1986Magnetic ScrollsFirebird [Telecomsoft]
Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Plundered HeartsOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Portal: A Computer NovelOCS 1986NexaActivision
Protector (Paradox)OCS 1986Paradox (Eidersoft)Paradox (Eidersoft)
Prism Leisure
RacterOCS 1986InracMindscape
Return To EdenOCS 1986Level 9Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
Reversi Player, A
OCS 1986 
Rogue: The Adventure GameOCS 1986AI DesignEpyx
Rommel At GazalaOCS 1986Simulations CanadaSimulations Canada
SeastalkerOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
ShanghaiOCS 1986Activision
Silent Service: The Submarine SimulationOCS 1986MicroProse
Softgold [Rushware]
SkyfoxOCS 1986DynamixAriolasoft
Electronic Arts
SnowballOCS 1986Level 9Rainbird [Telecomsoft]
SorcererOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Space Station: Part IOCS 1986Paradox (Eidersoft)Paradox (Eidersoft)
Prism Leisure
SpellbreakerOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Speller BeeOCS 1986First ByteFirst Byte
StarcrossOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Strip Poker: A Sizzling Game Of ChanceOCS 1986ArtworxAnco
Super Huey: UH-1XOCS 1986Cosmi
U.S. Gold
SuspectOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
SuspendedOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Tass Times In TonetownOCS 1986InterplayActivision
Temple Of Apshai TrilogyOCS 1986WestwoodEpyx
TransylvaniaOCS 1986Polarware (Merit)
Triclops InvasionOCS 1986GeodesicGeodesic
TrinityOCS 1986InfocomInfocom
Ultima III: ExodusOCS 1986OriginOrigin
VegasOCS 1986Baudville
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