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Developer name Bomb
Long name Bomb Software
Birth year 1994
Mother country France
Notes Bomb started as a demo group in 1994 when it was formed by Frédéric Heintz (Gengis) and Mathieu Berthaud (Clawz). After demos ORIGIN [1st at the PARTY 3 - AMIGA demo] and R.E.A.L [1st at SATURNE party 2 - AMIGA demo] won awards for Complex in 1993/94, Gengis decided to leave them to form his own group. Bomb's first production, CASUAL [1st at 3S party - AMIGA 40k], met with immediate success. Although their next demo, MOTION: ORIGIN 2 [3rd at The Party 4 - AMIGA demo], didn't win gold in Denmark in 1994, it would prove instrumental in opening the door to the world of commercial game development for Bomb. Featuring a 3D graphics engine, the demo served as a precursor to their first commercial game. In 1994/95, Bomb produced FEARS AGA/CD32.....the first real DOOM clone on Amiga. Graphics artists Laurent Sebire (Titan) and Carlos Pardo (Made) were recruited in the process and Gengis took a break from the scene after a long year of non-stop demo coding. The game was published by Manyk (UK) and attic (Germany) in late 1995.

Following the completion of the game, Gengis released his last Amiga demo with Clawz, SATURNE 3 INVITATION, in 1996 and left the Amiga scene. Clawz also made his own departure, but only for another demo group in Oxygene. Consistent with all this change, the time was ripe for Bomb to make the transition from Amiga to PC. The transition to PC was a successful one and they produced many award-winning demos from 1996-98. Since 1998 Bomb has been inactive in the demo scene, with a 40k intro made by SKAL being the only exception.
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