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Artist name Martin Day (Spiny Norman)
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes Martin Day first got into computers and hobbyist coding in the days of the C= PET and TRS-80 in the late 1970s. His coding talents first came to the attention of the games-playing public in 1987/88 when he was credited under the alias ''Spiny Norman'' (probably due to having a day job working in the compiler group at Inmos UK) on a string of Amiga/ST releases, including IMPACT!, HELTER SKELTER and FERNANDEZ MUST DIE.

Martin Day's true identity would be revealed soon enough, however. In 1989, he would lend his full-time coding talents to a newly-formed development team The Assembly Line, who would go on to collaborate with The Bitmap Brothers to produce the highly successful, critically-acclaimed shoot'em-up XENON 2.

Amidst all that, much respect was earnt from his programming peers of the time by producing the 16-bit cross development system SNASM with Andy Beveridge, as part of SN Systems formed in 1990. SNASM took over from the aging Programmer Development System (PDS) as the defacto 16-bit development kit, with developers/publishers such as Psygnosis, The Bitmap Brothers, Realtime Games and Vektor Grafix all adopting it.

Psygnosis' adoption of SNASM (later updated and renamed to Psy-Q with the aid of their funding) would prove pivotal, particularly after they were acquired by Sony in preparation for the 1994 launch of the PlayStation. It would pave the way for Martin Day and Andy Beveridge at the helm of SN Systems to not only provide Windows-based development tools for the PlayStation (and, incidentally, its competitors), but successive generations and iterations of Sony's popular console line thereafter.

In 2005, SN Systems was formally acquired by Sony to exclusively provide development tools for the PlayStation 3 and future lines. Despite the acquisition, Martin Day remained at the helm until his appointment as a company director came to an end along with Andy Beveridge's at the end of 2013.
Artist photo

Martin Day (1st from the left), pictured as part of The Assembly Line team

(from right to left) Martin Day and Andy Beveridge, pictured as part of SN Systems
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1990Assembly Line, TheAudiogenic (ASL) [Supersoft]
Fernandez Must DieOCS 1988Image Works (Mirrorsoft)
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Helter Skelter (Enhanced)ECS OCS
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1995Audiogenic (ASL) [Supersoft]
Impact!OCS 1987Audiogenic (ASL) [Supersoft]
Pipe DreamOCS 1989Assembly Line, TheLucasfilm
Pipe ManiaOCS 1989Assembly Line, TheEmpire [Entertainment International]
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Powerplay: The Game Of The GodsOCS 1987ArcanaArcana
Powerplay: The Game Of The Gods (Enhanced)OCS 1988ArcanaArcana
Xenon 2: MegablastOCS 1989Assembly Line, TheCinemaware
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Xenon 2: MegablastAmigaCD CDTV
1992Assembly Line, TheImage Works (Mirrorsoft)
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