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Artist name James D. Sachs (Jim Sachs)
Birth date 1949
Mother country USA
Notes Born in California in 1949 and grew up in the San Fernando Valley, north of Los Angeles, USA. At college, Jim concentrated mainly on architecture. After college, he spent 6 years in the U.S. Air Force as a pilot flying C-141 Starlifters. In the early 1980s, he got into computers with the Commodore 64, bought some books on 6502 machine language, and began writing games. His first game, SAUCER ATTACK, sold quite well via mail order, but rampant piracy drove him away from the C64 market and he turned to the Amiga as soon as it was released. By his own admission, Jim had no actual training in programming and although he'd been forced to do quite a lot of it, it is the artistic side of computers that has always captivated him.

The Amiga was the first computer that allowed Jim to express his love affair with a computer palette. After a few months experimenting with the early graphics packages on the Amiga, Cinemaware were sufficiently impressed with his ability and hired him to do the graphics for their first game, the graphically stunning DEFENDER OF THE CROWN. While working on DOTC, he got involved in freelance art and graphics work, designing covers for both magazine and book covers. Jim went on to work for Commodore, drawing the internal graphics and user interfaces for the CDTV. He also spent 2 years on DOTC II for the CDTV, re-programming the original DOTC, doing some new graphics, recording actors narrating in 5 languages, re-working the plot, and writing a new musical score. Unfortunately, it ended up being released for the CD32 shortly before Commodore went bankrupt, which significantly affected sales and distribution around the world.

In 1995, Jim began the biggest project of his career, the creation of 3D software for a bicycle training device called the CompuTrainer. He spent 3+ years on it. People ranging from Robin Williams to the U.S. Olympic Cycling Team have used it for their indoor training. More recently, Jim has worked on a virtual 3D aquarium screensaver (see website above) for SereneScreen.
Artist photo

Self-Portrait of Jim Sachs
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Centurion: Defender Of RomeECS OCS
1991Bits Of MagicElectronic Arts
Defender Of The CrownOCS 1986Master DesignerCinemaware (Master Designer)
Master Designer
Ubi Soft
Defender Of The CrownCDTV 1991CinemawareCDTV Publishing (Commodore)
Defender Of The Crown IICD32 CDTV
1993Master DesignerCommodore
Défenseur De La Couronne IICD32 CDTV
1993Master DesignerCommodore
Defensor De La Corona II, ElCD32 CDTV
1993Master DesignerCommodore
Difensore Della Corona IICD32 CDTV
1993Master DesignerCommodore
Ports Of CallOCS 1987Aegis [Oxxi]
Disc Company, The
Verteidiger Der Krone IICD32 CDTV
1993Master DesignerCommodore
Who Framed Roger RabbitOCS 1988SilentBuena Vista
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