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Artist name Jon Freeman
Mother country USA
Artist photo

Jon Freeman (back row, 3rd from the left) pictured leaning on wife Anne Westfall in EA's infamous "We See Farther" advert from 1983 promoting their in-house development team

Jon Freeman (middle row, seated 2nd from the right) pictured next to wife Anne Westfall as part of EA's in-house development team in 1985
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Archon II: AdeptOCS 1988Free FallAriolasoft
Electronic Arts
Archon: The Light And The DarkOCS 1985Free FallAriolasoft
Electronic Arts
Chessmaster 2100ECS OCS
1990Mirage GraphicsSoftware Toolworks, The
Fidelity Chessmaster 2100, TheECS OCS
1990Mirage GraphicsSoftware Toolworks, The
Swords Of TwilightOCS 1989Free FallElectronic Arts
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