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Artist name Sébastien D'Heeger
Mother country France
Notes French coder and graphics artist Sébastien D'Heeger started as a shareware author with the AGA release of MALÉDICTION (English translation: THE CURSE) in 1995:

- MALÉDICTION (French support webpage) [archive]
- MALÉDICTION (English-translated support webpage) [archive]

He went on to code shareware title RACER in 1996/97, which became the commercial title TURBO RACER 3D in 1998:

- TURBO RACER 3D (French support webpage) [archive]
- TURBO RACER 3D (English-translated support webpage) [archive]

Since then Sébastien D'Heeger has moved on to other projects for PC including:

- development of a Windows NT medical simulator for Simedge in co-operation with the University of Sciences and Technology in Lille, France and the creation of a 3D engine for OpenGL in C++ to view pathological models.

- development of 3D game PIKGEM for French publishers Anuman Interactive and Dconcept.

More information about Sébastien D'Heeger can be found on his old website or by reading his curriculum vitae:

- Curriculum Vitae (French) [archive]
- Curriculum Vitae (English) [archive]
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RacerAGA AmigaCD
1998Sébastien D'HeegerAlive Mediasoft
Turbo Racer 3DAGA AmigaCD
1998Sébastien D'HeegerAlive Mediasoft
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