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Artist name Alan Redpath
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes Formerly a UK videogame graphics artist, Alan Redpath was active during the first half of the 1990s and worked on a handful of commercial games for Amiga, PC and the consoles (PSX, Saturn, SNES). Upon the death of the 16-bit era and emerging dominance of the 32-bit consoles, he left the glamour of the games industry and co-founded Canadian web design studio Outrageous Creations in 1998.

Alan Redpath continues to run his web design studio whilst also being involved in other burgeoning business interests, including the sale of digital photography prints and the graphical design of t-shirts and other merchandise for retrogaming fans, nerds, geeks and old skool ravers via NTK Apparel.
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Burning Rubber (Enhanced 2MB OCS/ECS Edition) Enhanced OCS/ECS (2MB Chip/Fastram) 1993Harlequin DesignOcean
Burning Rubber (Standard Edition)ECS OCS
1993Harlequin DesignOcean
Final Gate, TheCD32 1996Alternative [R&R]
Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends: Electronic Paint BoxECS OCS
1994KidComAlternative [R&R]
Tracksuit Manager 2ECS OCS
1996Alternative [R&R]
Tracksuit Manager 2AGA 1996Alternative [R&R]
Tracksuit Manager 2: Season '96-'97ECS 1996Alternative [R&R]
Tracksuit Manager 2: Season '96-'97AGA 1996Alternative [R&R]
Tracksuit Manager 2: Season '97-'98ECS OCS
1998Alternative [R&R]
Winter OlympicsAGA ECS
1994Abstract ImagesU.S. Gold
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