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Artist name George Alistair Sanger (The Fat Man)
Mother country USA
Notes Sanger has been composing and coding music for games in the computer industry since 1983. He is recognised for his aural contributions to over 250 games, including classics such as LOOM, WING COMMANDER 1 & 2, THE 7TH GUEST PARTS I & II, ULTIMA UNDERWORLD, NASCAR RACING, MASTER OF ORION, STAR TREK: 25th ANNIVERSARY and ROCKETEER. Reportedly, he wrote the first general MIDI soundtrack for a game, the first direct-to-MIDI live recording of musicians, and the first redbook soundtrack included with a game as a separate disk.

In recent times, Sanger has headed the band Team Fat, comprised of fellow video game music composers Dave Govett, Joe McDermott and K. Weston Phelan. You can read more interesting stories about George ''The Fat Man'' Sanger in the FAQ on the Team Fat website:
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1992Silicon & SynapseInterplay
Dark Queen Of Krynn, TheECS OCS
1992MicroMagicSoftgold [Rushware]
Death Knights Of KrynnECS OCS
1991SSI Special Projects GroupSSI
Pools Of DarknessECS OCS
U.S. Gold
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