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Artist name Bernd Brummbaer (Brummbär; Bernhard Matzerath)
Birth date 1945-08-18
Date of death 2016-01-16
Mother country Germany
Notes Bernd Brummbär (born Bernhard Matzerath) was a German-American digital artist who utilised his talents as an art director, illustrator and 3D designer. He produced various German TV films, directed and acted in front of the camera also. In his most recent works, Brummbaer - as he was known in the art world - focused on computer graphics, producing a handful of short films using computers and becoming involved in the cinematic special effects of films.

From 1991 to 1993, Brummbaer notably worked as art director for the horror sci-fi adventure game DARKSEED in collaboration with Oscar-winning visual artist, painter and sci-fi special effects designer H. R. Giger. Around this time, the annual ''Digital Art Be-In'' event in San Francisco and the Zero One Gallery in Los Angeles, California hosted his first exhibition of electronic pictures, which was organised by the late Dr. Timothy Leary, a controversial American psychologist and proponent of LSD-assisted psychotherapy. Their association didn't end there, however, and Brummbaer produced illustrations for Timothy Leary's last book, ''Chaos and Cyber Culture'', published in 1994.

In 2003, Bernd Brummbär was diagnosed with head and neck cancer. During several months of chemotherapy and radiation therapy he wrote a semi-biographical novel ''Runaway Jesus'' about the beginning of the 1960s in Europe and recollected his experiments with the recreational hallucinogenic drug dextromethorphan hydrobromide (DXM). Cancer treatment was successful and he remained disease-free until 2007 when he was diagnosed with an unrelated case of bladder cancer. Once again, cancer treatment - this time, in the form of two bladder resections - was successful and he remained disease-free until 2013 when the bladder cancer returned. Ultimately, cancer would finally lead to his demise in January 2016.
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