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Publisher name CRL
Long name Computer Rentals Limited
Birth year 1982
Year of death 1990
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes Initially established in 1982 by teenage programming whizz-kid Clement Chambers as a computer rental business. After experiencing a lack of success in the computer rental business, CRL was turned into a software publisher in 1983.

In 1987, CRL pulled off what was thought to be a major coup in signing Electronic Arts as its software distributor. Little did they know the pain that lay ahead. In 1988, CRL went into administration after EA withheld payments following claims that CRL's games weren't of the high industry standard stipulated in their contract agreement.

CRL subsequently won a legal settlement against EA, but the damage had already been done as they were without a software distributor and in-house programmers for much of 1988. In 1989, CRL attempted to make the jump from the 8- to 16-bit market by releasing its first games for the Amiga and Atari ST. Unfortunately, like a lot of 8-bit publishers at the time, they struggled to make the transition to the 16-bit market. Matters were not helped either by the EA debacle, which prevented them from entering the burgeoning 16-bit market earlier in 1988.

CRL finally closed its doors in 1990, but only after owner Clem Chambers had launched another software venture in the form of On-line Entertainment.
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