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Publisher name Martech [Software Communications]
Long name Martech Games Ltd. [Software Communications Ltd]
Birth year 1982
Year of death 1989
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes Originally established in 1982 as Software Communications Ltd. in partnership with a firm of exporters - before it became better-known in the UK as Martech - by chemistry teacher & part-time coder David Martin (hence the name Martech). Martin was joined in partnership by brother-in-law and solicitor John Barry, and the company was situated in Pevensey Bay, East Sussex UK in an office building above Barry's legal practice.
Also known as Screen 7 [Software Communications]
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Armageddon Man, TheOCS 1988Electronic Pencil Company (EPC)Martech [Software Communications]
Grand Prix (Martech)OCS 1988Martech [Software Communications]
HellfireOCS 1988AkaidoMartech [Software Communications]
Hellfire AttackOCS 1988AkaidoMartech [Software Communications]
Nigel Mansell's Grand PrixOCS 1988Martech [Software Communications]
Phantom FighterOCS 1988Emerald SoftwareMartech [Software Communications]
She-FoxOCS 1988Intelligent DesignMartech [Software Communications]
VixenOCS 1988Intelligent DesignMartech [Software Communications]
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