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Publisher name Robtek
Long name Robtek Ltd.
Birth year 1986
Addresses Robtek Ltd.,
Unit 4, Isleworth Business Complex,
St. Johns Road, Isleworth,
Middlesex TW76NL,
[Last known address]
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes Established in the UK in 1986 by Robert Zysblat, hence the name Robtek. The circumstances surrounding the birth of Robtek were unique for the time in that its founder was based outside the UK in Brussels where he managed the Belgian arm of software house Mastertronic. Remarkably, neither Zysblat nor Mastertronic considered the arrangement to be a conflict of interest. In any case, Zysblat wasn't alone in running the company, and enlisted the services of Paul Share (Technical Director) and Mike Segrue (Sales Manager, ex-Argus).

Robtek initially released products for the 8-bit platforms, with C64 cheat cartridge The Game Killer being the most successful. They also released 8-bit games, mostly for the C64, but quickly realised that the low price, 8-bit mass market was overcrowded and fiercely competitive. With an eye to increasing profits, they turned their attention to the less competitive 16-bit markets of the Amiga and Atari ST. In addition to releasing games and applications for these machines, Robtek also distributed hardware and peripherals for other companies which led to the release of their products in the profitable U.S. market via reciprocal arrangements.

Despite being one of the early pioneers in the 16-bit software market, Robtek disappeared without a trace after 1988 following two prolific years of releases for the Amiga and Atari ST. The cicrumstances surrounding their demise remain unknown.
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